Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Orleans - Commander's Palace

Since it was Hanna's birthday, we opted to have her birthday dinner at Commander's Palace. Located in the Garden District, the place is a New Orleans institution, much like Tavern on the Green in Central Park, New York. Plus, you know it's a super snazzy/bougie place because it's located amongst all the mansions in the Garden District. It would be a great drive during daylight hours; the mansions are really beautiful albeit a bit close together.

complimentary bread

soups 1-1-1 (chicken and andouille gumbo, crawfish & corn soup, turtle soup)

wild white shrimp remoulade - marinated hearts of palm, Creole tomatoes, Limestome lettuce, ripped tarragon, spicy lemon vinagrette

shrimp & tasso henican - spicy cajun ham, Crystal hot sauce beurre blanc, pickled okra, five pepper jelly

The Commander's salad - hearts of romaine, parmesean, pressed egg, housemade bacon, french bread croutons, greated Gruyère, creamy black pepper dressing

pig and peach - crispy pork belly, honeycomb

griddle seared gulf fish - succotash of summer corn, crowder & black-eyed peas, Louisiana soy beans, Creole tomatoes, local squash, ribbed herbs

chargrilled pork tenderloin - sugarcane smoked pork, sweet potato-andouille hash, grilled spinach, peach-jalapeno hot sauce, smoky trotter jus

grilled duck breast - sauteed spinach, wild mushroom medly

crispy soft shell "crab & corn" - jumbo lump blue crab meat, summer greens, sweet corn, local & Heirloom tomatoes, charred chilies, pickled avocados, lemon pesto, red chimichurri

Creole bread pudding soufflé, warm whiskey cream

seasonal ice cream, waffle cup, whipped Chantilly cream

apple tartine, pecan ice cream

molten lava cake

The dinner was a bit ruined by the fact that waiter was a TOTAL A-HOLE! At first he was friendly but we mentioned intially that we wanted to order the happy hour menu (one cocktail and two appetizers) and the waiter's whole demeanor changed. He stated that we were 5 mintues past the Happy Hour time, to which we informed him we had been sitting at the table for over 15 minutes without receiving menus. After awhile he agreed, after "speaking to his manager" but was distant and surly the rest of the meal. I guess he thought we were only ordering Happy Hour and nothing else, but we all ordered three-course meals afterwards! His attitude didn't change though, and kind of put a damper on the whole birthday meal. What a jerk. At one point, it was so uncomfortable that we finally said something to the floor manager. Don't let that discourage you from going, as all the other waitstaff were amazing.

Commanders Palace Restaurant
1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130


  1. What a jerk! Other than that, was Commander's worth it? Mr. Monkey never wants to go because I think a jacket is required. We're all about casual dining these days. ;)

  2. I think it was worth it for the experience and the area it's located in, but the food wasn't incredible or anything. I wish I was able to try John Besh's August!

    Jackets are required for men, but they told us that girls can basically get away with wearing anything.