Friday, October 28, 2011

Aloha Food Factory

I have no clue why this place is called a factory, because it's on the location of a renovated Taco Bell. Remember when Taco Bell locations used to look like brick mission-style places? Not all sleek and comteporary like they are now. Upon walking inside, you're greeted by one of the family owners. Service is a bit slow, but the Hawaiian culture is much more laid back and relaxed. Come when you're not in a rush!

boysenberry shaved snow

teriyaki chicken, eggs over easy, rice

chasiu pork, kaluha pork, eggs over easy, rice

macadamia nut pancakes

spam musubi

The macadamis nut pancakes and spam musubi were bomb-diggity! I can't believe I just typed/thought those words. The cream on the pancakes weren't too sweet, and I just wanted to keep scraping it off and eating it. Also, I've never had spam except in musubi format. The first time was at ShinSenGumi as part of their ramen lunch set and I was like "What is this salty magic?!" Now I eat spam musubi every chance I get. But I've never had regular spam - that's just gross. When it's in musubi, it's different.

Aloha Food Factory
2990 W Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91803


  1. Mike will love you forever for liking spam musubi...he could live off of it, as can many polynesian men. It's like they're two basic food groups: spam and rice.

  2. Eww I can't believe I just used the wrong "their" i meant - it's like THEIR basic food groups - but was also thinking there are two basic food groups...and they combined to be the completely wrong thing. Please excuse the awful typo.