Friday, October 21, 2011

Bar + Kitchen

I didn't get many opportunities to squeeze in DineLA lunches since we were in the most hectic time of the year ... budget time. It's the absolute worst. Emergency revisions, a new budgeting system, a glitchy new report generating platform - everything that can conspire to make this process headache-inducing basically happened. Ahh I remember managers threatening to walk out of the company, staying in the office until 3am to finish up reporting, crying out of sheer frustration. Good times!

kale and tuscan white bean soup, parmesan

crispy pork belly, plum puree, spicy pickled sunchokes

baby beet & arugula salad, maytag blue cheese, pomegranate vinagrette

shrimp & grits, spanish chorizo ragout

roasted jidori chicken, brussel sprouts, apples, grapes, walnut vinagrette

peanut butter chocolate cake, peanut brittle, banana ice cream

butterscotch pot de creme, whipped cream, shortbread cookies

We managed to grab a time slot at Bar+Kitchen on the last day. Great reviews on Yelp and the manager told us that they had 70 reservations booked for lunch that day. But everything seemed to run pretty smoothly. The DineLA menu showed the butterscotch pot de creme with sea salt, but when we got there, there was no sea salt listed on the description. I guess they changed the dessert at the last minute. Thwarted with the dessert+salt combination again! Curses!

I wish I was able to try the dinner menu as well. They had an app on it called "proscuitto wrapped foie gras butter" ... what?! Do they mean terraine? Or just straight-up butter?

Bar + Kitchen (O Hotel)
819 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

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