Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Part 3

Doesn't cranberry sauce cooking look so holiday-y? The sugar looks just like snow.

There is no Thanksgiving Part 2. We had a work potluck but the savages at my office totally tore into everything before I could even whip out a camera. It was utter chaos and destruction. So now we roll to Thanksgiving Part 3. I totally need to crash diet when this is all over. I discovered today on an only weight website that if I want extreme fat loss, I can only consume 920 calroies in a day. What?! That's only about 4.5 macarons!

Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving day was prepared by yours truly. Me. By myself, watching a marathon of Disney movies on TV. For some reason, I really like watching Disney movies while I cook. Not the lame ones, like Air Bud, but the "animated masterpiece collection." I have a ton of them on VHS at my parent's house and I'm amassing quite a few on DVD as well. Luckily, they were playing on TV so while I cooked, I watched Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast, and Snow White. Good times. Around 6pm everyone gathered to eat - and I realized that my high-top table from Crate & Barrel only has two bar stools to go with it. Thanksgiving dinner in front of the TV it is! We watched "30 Seconds or Less" while we ate. So cozy.

turkey brining 2 days ahead in the cooler - had to McGyver the fridge a bit to make everything fit inside

upskirt beauty shot of a brined and stuffed turkey - sexy

cider and sage brined turkey

carved turkey

homemade cranberry sauce - orange peel, apple cider, cinnamon

canned cranberry sauce - Oceanspray, jellied

mashed potatoes

creamed corn

Ms Cubbinsons stuffing with mushrooms, cooked separately

Ms Cubbinsons stuffing with mushrooms, from the turkey

curry roasted broccoli and cauliflower

smashed sweet potatoes, candied pecans, marshmallows (note to self: don't leave this in broiler unattended, as it results in the blown up marshmallow spillage on the bottom left corner)

sage gravy

papas rellenas, courtesy of Kavita

fried plantain chips, courtesy of Kavita

more sweet potatoes, courtesy of Brother

Japanese tamago, courtesy of Brother

fruit tart, courtesy of Kavita

pumpkin cream pie

bad picture of the table, but it was loaded

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! And no one got trampled or pepper sprayed at the Porter Ranch Walmart (or anywhere else) during the Black Friday sales. I had two friends at that Walmart and they reported that not only was a crazy woman (with her kids) pepper spraying people, there were also fist fights over the TV sales. USA! USA! USA!


  1. I made the potato balls and the fruit tart from scratch! :) - just kidding
    The Thanksgiving Meal was superb! Thanks again!