Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bhanu's Indian Grocery & Cuisine

I've been going to Trader Joe's on Rosemead and Huntington for years and have never noticed this place. So crazy. Bhanu's Indian Grocery & Cuisine is a combination of a grocery store and restaurant, as the name implies. After seeing some great pictures on The Roaming Belly's site, a bunch of us wanted to try the restaurant out as well. After making some arrangements, a bunch of us decided to meet for dinner: Pinoy Panda, Kung Food Panda, The Roaming Belly and Rants & Craves. And we got A LOT of food.

veg samosa (potatoes, peas, carrots) and chicken samosa (ground chicken, peas)

tandoori chicken

aloo gobi (potatoes, cauliflower)

fried rice

palak paneer (spinach, cheese)

coconut fish curry

goat stew

aloo bangen (eggplant, potatoes)

cheese dosa

garlic naan

Needless to say, the evening was delightful. It was especially hilarious when we started comparing stories of Asian tiger moms and dads. Events from childhood always seem funnier in retrospect, am I right? And it was Kung Food Panda's first foray into Indian food ... he ate it once 10+ years ago and wasn't impressed by it. It was our mission to show him how good Indian food could be, and hopefully we succeeded. At the end of the night, Mr Pinoy Panda even brought out these adorable little party favor sachets for each of us! So cute ... umm, please disregard that it's in Valentine's Day colors and then judge me for how late this post is.

Can't wait for our next dinner together - this may sound uber cheesy, but I really hope we make these dinners a monthly or bi-monthly thing because I had such a good time!

Bhanu Indian Grocery & Cuisine
7246 Rosemead Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91775


  1. it was yummy! and yes, nothing like swapping tiger mom/parent stories to make the food go down faster :P picca next, woot.

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