Monday, February 13, 2012

Cafe Pinot

These posts are a bit late since DineLA was over a couple weeks ago, but Sona and I managed to grab lunch at Cafe Pinot. Ahh the lull before the absolute total shitstorm that is reporting and CAM reconciliations. Does anyone out there know what I'm talking about? No? ... *sad face*

Located right next to the Downtown LA public library, the restaurant is airy and full of natural light. Great for blogging pictures. There is a lot of outdoor seating as well; I hope they have a lot of heat lamps for evening dining. Service was courteous, unobtrusive and managed well - but this is not the place to go if you want to have a quick lunch and make it back to the office in an hour. Or even an hour and a half.

olive bread and baguette

lobster bisque, rainbow carrots, celery root, salsify, butternut squash

fried chicken oysters , sweet potato purée, cardamom scented puffed barley, sage maple syrup, petite mustard leaves

Japanese Hokkaido scallops, garlic velouté, button mushrooms

flat iron steak, Vadouvan goat cheese mousse, candied Moroccan olives, pomegranate red wine sauce, french fries

red currant brioche bread pudding, vanilla whipped crème fraîche

crème fraîche panna cotta, vanilla panna cotta, salted caramel, crab apples

The lobster bisque was really thin, with good flavor, but totally absent of any hint of lobster whatsoever. Also, the fries were cafeteria-style. Like Sysco fries. I wished a restaurant of this caliber would have taken the time to cut and fry their own potatoes.

My standout favorites were the fried chicken oysters and the crème fraîche panna cotta. Chicken oysters is the little nugget of dark meat behind the thigh; they're super juicy and flavorful. Since the pieces are so small and delicious, I jumped at the chance to try them and they were salty and delicious. And of course I'm a total sucker for salted caramel. The fact that the panna cotta was made of crème fraîche just made it extra creamy and thick. Mmmm.

Cafe Pinot
700 W Fifth St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

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