Thursday, August 4, 2011

LudoBites 007

Snagged an impossible-to-get seat for the pop-up restaurant LudoBites 007 a couple months ago. On Opening Night, no less! I work in a datacenter, so I expect that since my building is the gateway to the entire Internet, I'd be guaranteed seats. Needless to say, so not true, as Boyfriend and I had to wait for walk-in seating for LudoBites 6.0. I'm glad we didn't have to try to do that this time around, because there is no walk-in seating available. If you didn't manage to grab a reservation in the 3 minutes before it booked up, keep checking OpenTable for possible cancellations.

gram & papas

Chef gearing up for the night - everyone is moving so fast, they are a blur!

lavender-ginger lemonade

Dorade ceviche, cucumber water, cornichons, borrage flower

egg, sea urchin, caviar, champagne beurre blanc

salt cod panna cotta, whipped fingerling potato, smoked tapioca, black olive bread

foie gras ravioli, crispy kimchi, sake-black truffle cream

Époisses cheese risotto, hazelnut, egg yolk, herb salas

duck, cherry, spicy saucisse, beets, radish

peach melba vacherin, lavender

crustless lemon tart, limoncello, thyme

Good thing the only thing I had eaten that day was a cup of soup. Next time I'll make a reservation for 4 and find people to come with me so we can order the entire menu. My favorite was the egg/caviar - so luxurious and creamy. The French really know how to make their eggs. Boyfriend fawned over the egg/caviar and the foie gras ravioli. I can't believe that he hadn't known what foie gras was when we started dating, and had no interest in trying it ... until he got me some terraine "just to be nice" on my birthday. Now he is OBSESSED. The table next to us raved about the tandoori octopus, but we were to full to order another dish.

Can't wait to see what there is in store for LudoBites 8.0. And of course, congrats to Ludo and Krissy for their new twins - they'll be helping out with LudoBites 20.0 in no time!

Gram And Papa's
227 E 9th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015


  1. You should've gotten a four-top and sold those two seats. LOL.

  2. I totally should have, as I heard people were willing to pay for them! Next time ...