Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chicago - David Burke Primehouse

David Burke Primehouse is located in The James Hotel, which is where we were staying. The botique hotel is really cute, with great service, Kiehl's bath products and turndown service *twice* a day. I'd definitely recommend it if you're heading to the Chicago area. It's convenient to the Red Line, and near Pizzaria Uno, Pizzaria Due, Lawry's and Petrillos. And Trader Joe's is directly across the street if you're inclined to BYOB for your room.

When we saw weekend bento boxes on the lunch menu at Primehouse, we could not resist. Needless to say, there was no real Asian food actually in the boxes. However, compartamentalized food appeals to me because I don't like my foods to touch/mix ... unless (1) they're meant to mix ie avocado and onion must mix to make guacamole and (2) I have decided when/how they are to be mixed and I do it myself. Yes, I have food issues - this statement is probably a therapist's wonderland. Don't judge me.

salt/pepper grinder - we were perplexed on how to get salt without the pepper or vice versa ... there is no way to get one without the other

hot chocolate - Belgian dark chocolate

hangover box - mini burkers (spicy mayo, french fries), mac n' cheese (chopped bacon), Monte Cristo (proscuitto, gruyere, tomato tapanade)

little bull box - 207L beef tips (arugula, blue cheese, tomato vinaigrette), grilled steak (mushrooms, onions, whipped potato), shortrib dumplings (bbq sauce), tempura green beans

eggs box - benedict (spicy ham, hollandaise), lobster scrambled (crème fraiche, caviar), peppers & eggs (chicken apple sausage, brioche), chive biscuit

mini ice cream cones - chocolate, vanilla, rum raisin chocolate chip, strawberry, kahlua, mint

Thanks to Vanessa for the pictures - she has a much better camera and a more artistic eye than I do!

David Burke's Primehouse
616 N Rush St, Chicago, IL 60611

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  1. We loved The James Hotel! We also liked David Burke -- desserts were so cute!