Thursday, June 5, 2014


b.o.s. is a new restaurant that's opened in Little Tokyo, in the same plaza as Men Oh Ramen, Sushi Gen and Frances Bakery. They've been open for about seven months and specialize in nose-to-tail beef dining and they have a lot of offal dishes on their menu, in addition to regular offerings. I dined there with a group of ladies for Girl's Night Out and we were able to order a lot of items. I was a bit squeamish about some of them, to be honest, but was pleasantly surprised!

love the silverware selections

tenderloin carpaccio - togarashi sea salt, lemon, arugula, parmesan cheese

sizzling thai tongue - thai aromatics, lime chili sauce

sweetbread tacos - salsa verde, pico de gallo, Sriracha sour cream, pickled radish

loaded fries with brisket - shiitake mushrooms, ginger sour cream, pickled vegetables

crispy curried calf brain - butternut squash puree, arugula gremolata, grape compote

roasted bone marrow - housemade furikake, 61-degree egg, sesame gochujang paste

braised veal cheek pasta - shiitake mushrooms, braising sauce, olive oil poached tomatoes, homemade pappardelle

uni and lobster pasta - Santa Barbara sea urchin, Maine lobster, caviar, homemade fettuccine

That was the end of the savory courses! I was very very pleased with everything that we ate, with the exception of the fries. Blasphemy, right? Though the brisket was tender, all the ingredients were dry and there wasn't enough ginger sour cream to tie everything together. It wasn't a brisket ragu, which would have more of a chili-consistency and coat all the fries.

Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised that the calf brain and sweetbreads were so well done. I've had sweetbreads before and didn't like them, so I was a bit apprehensive. The deep fry and coating of the offal definitely masked any weird tastes. Further, the tongue was thinly cut and thus, remarkably tender. And of course, I could never, ever resist homemade pasta. Loved it!

chocolate mousse, orange

vanilla panna cotta, Harry's berries

cheesecake, braised cherries

We then proceeded to order the entire dessert list. The mousse wasn't as good as I hoped it would be but it was a sweet way to end the night. The cheesecake had a whipped quality, which made it nice as it wasn't as dense.

The bill came out to be about $50/pp after tax and tip, which wasn't bad at all. Definitely give this place a try if you get a chance! If you call ahead of time, you can order an entire ox tail, whole fish or other kinds of family style meals, depending on what's available.

424 E Second St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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  1. The uni and lobster pasta looks so amazing and tasty!