Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Church & State and My 1-Yr Blogiversary

It's a pretty crazy announcement, but today is the official one-year anniversary of my blog! CELEBRATE!! Also, it is also my five-year work anniversary ... I started this blog last year with my very first post so I could have a bit of change.

I'm actually pretty proud of myself - this is Post number #107, I've kept up with my love of food and foodblogging, and being at work for five years is the longest commitment I've ever made. I mean, I've been dating Boyfriend for a little over two-and-a-half years (the first guy to make it past the two-year mark!!), high school was four years and college only three-and-a-half years. Yes, elementary school was longer but I really didn't have a choice to continue attending that.

Therefore, a re-design was in order. Yes, I still used a pre-constructed template but still - I changed things around to make it my own. I think this design is a lot better because it looks a bit cleaner and I can make the pictures bigger. We all know that people like looking at pictures of food, even if my camera isn't the best. Though that may change for special meals in the future, as evident by this post ... incredibly special meal with a brand new camera.

I figured my anniversary post would be something blog-y and work-y because it combines the anniversary of both events. Awhile back, my Asset Manager took us out to dinner at Church & State after we finished our budgets. Budgeting time is the worst - we have 125+ properties in our portfolio and must complete a budget for every one of them. People end up crying, threatening to walk out, staying at work until 3am ... good times!

complimentary cheese gougères

 complimentary bread & butter

foie de vollaille - chicken liver mousse, port wine gelée, toasted baguette

tarte flambée - caramelized onions, applewood smoked bacon, cave aged gruyère

fromages sélections

cassoulet - duck confit, sausage, broad beans

braised pork belly, apple, tuscan kale, cippolini onions

filet de vivaneau - seared red snapper, creamy rosemary polenta, oven baked carrots, parsnip chips, citrus veal jus

bouillabaisse - provençal fish stew, blue prawns, manilla clams, p.e.i. mussels, fennel, tomato, potato, leek

steak frites - new york strip loin, french fries, sauce béarnaise

pot de crème au chocolat et café - chocolate coffee custard, crème chantilly, sablés cannelle cookies

tartes du jour - chocolate & salted caramel

The meal was terrific and even better that it was paid for by work. I've heard of people running into Thomas Keller at the restaurant, so even though the restaurant strangely has only 3.5 stars, I would eat there because, come on ... Thomas-freaking-Keller eats there. Give it a try sometime, if you haven't gone. The mousse is a must-order for sure.

Church & State Bistro
1850 Industrial St,  Los Angeles, CA 90021


  1. how come I wasn't invited to this amazing dinner?...j/k E, love your post!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! - Jinra