Monday, April 30, 2012

LudoBites Best of Foie

Rumor is swirling in the air that there will be an official ban on foie gras in California starting July 1st. Chef Ludo is all about "fighting for the right to foie" and is flaunting his love of delicious duck liver in their faces. Whatever happens to the duck liver industry come July 1st is still a mystery, as groups have tried to ban foie gras before and to no avail. We were able to snag hard to get seats to Chef Ludo's Best of Foie event and eagerly waited to see what delightful dishes would be served. In my calorie count log, I wrote 10,000 calories and drew a sad face for the day - but it was worth it.

foie gras cromesqui "mm"

We were told to put the entire ball intt our mouth and bite down, as there was melted foie grad and truffle inside. I guess my mouth wasn't quite big enough, but it did squirt as promised. It would have been hilarious if it landed across the table on Boyfriend, but it just ended up going all over my hand.

foie gras dynamite, tuna, lichi

foie gras miso soup, radish, turnips

foie gras black croque-monsieur, grapes

foie gras "crepinette," morels, pears, green asparagus

foie gras sundae, brioche, black berries

Five courses of foie gras was pretty epic. My favorite dishes were the cromesqui, dynamite and miso soup. I'd eat those dishes over and over again - hopefully they show up on a future LudoBites dinner menu! But that's only if the ban doesn't get overturned by July 1st ...

Gram And Papa's
227 E 9th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

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