Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wildwood Ovens & BBQ's

Yesterday night was my first foodblogging event! *gasp* Yes, I've only barely started writing but the lovely Anne of Tuna Toast was the host of the event and kindly invited me. I feel like I know so much about so many bloggers, though I had never met them before. Is this what stalkers feel like? It was a fantastic event, and I was able to meet friendly, gracious people who were fully supportive of me and offered many kind words and encouragement to my new fooding-writing venture.

The event was held at Wild Wood Ovens & BBQ's, which is a cozy intimate outdoor kitchen with patio. Located in Eagle Rock with plenty of street parking (important to those who have gone to events in Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, etc), the kitchen features two wood burning ovens for pizza and braising, and grills for churrasqueria.

Outdoor wood burning oven. I need one of these when I get a backyard.
Could we make smores here during parties??

Indoor wood burning oven at the back of the house. Love the easy chair next to it - kick back and chillax while the pizza is getting delicious.

Berkshire pork and lamb churrasqueria. Mmmmmm.

Fingerling and purple potatoes with bacon lardons.

Braised Berkshire pork. So tender that it literally fell apart when people stuck their forks into it.

Shortrib and carmelized onion pizza with goat cheese. Boyfriend's favorite of the night.

Everyone was so great to talk to that we stayed longer than we originally intended with a 5am wake up time in the morning. The place can be rented out for either a pizza party or a churrasqueria/meat party, with alcohol provided by the owners or BYOB. Also, owner/proprietor Michael Gerard holds cooking classes for wood-fired cooking or learning how to use a churrasqueria. They will also sell you their ovens, in all sorts of fancy forms and in a variety of sizes; you'll be wood burning your own pizza at home in no time.

Next birthday party here?? We have a lot of summer babies coming up!

Wildwood Ovens & BBQ's
5020 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, 90041

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