Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Seattle - The Walrus & The Carpenter

I've always wanted to go to The Walrus & The Carpenter in Seattle. Though it is for slightly morbid reasons - I mean in the Lewis Carroll poem ALL THE OYSTERS DIE. Even in the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, they all get eaten. And if Disney can't put a cheery spin on this poem, basically no one can. 

I wish I could say that we spared the poor oysters when we went but ... that didn't happen. Case in point:

Oyster choices of the night (4 each) - Evening Cove, North Bay, Flapjack Point, Treasure Cave, Baywater Sweet, Hama Hama, Blue Point, Penn Cove Select

Sorry, oysters. You were delicious. Especially the North Bay ones, which were the unanimous table favorite. We also ordered other dishes to try out cause you can't live on oysters alone.

uni profiteroles

roasted beets, tonnato, pickled mustard seed

steak tartare, egg yolk, rye toast

marinated octopus, red onion, potatoes, ballymaloe bread

ling cod carpaccio, sesame, cumin, mustard oil

coonstripe prawn crudo, orange, za'atar, chili

smoked trout, lentils, walnut, onion, crème fraîche

fried oysters, cilantro aioli

lemon curd tart, chocolate, cherry caramel

We went 30 minutes before opening to guarantee a seat, as the restaurant is tiny. Overall, the meal was good and the oysters were good but I'm not sure if there were any dishes that I'd die to go back for. The uni profiteroles were fantastic and the table loved them - but would I wait 30 minutes just to eat them again? I'm not sure. They were the special of the day anyways so there's probably no real chance of having them again!

However, the place is such an institution that I'd definitely recommend going at least once to check it out. The food won't disappoint!

The Walrus & The Carpenter
4743 Ballard Ave, Seattle, Washington

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